Omnisport have launched Clean Ready Video, an evolution upon the existing Ready Video  product from our suite, an addition which will allow the integration of Omnisport’s Ready Video into your own outputs, in a style adaptable to the look and feel of your own brand.     

Clean Ready represents the same edited and ready-to-go content as the existing Ready service, in a more flexible and customisable format – clean of any additional graphics such as subtitles, branding or results. This will allow adaptation of the video to the look and feel of your own brand by overlaying your own images, logos and graphics. You will now be able to utilise Omnisport’s content to drive audience engagement in a way that is unique to your brand identity.

 See an example below, showcasing Klopp's press conference discussing Sadio Mané. The first is the Clean version, free of any graphics or subtitles, while below you can see the same content in French Ready Video.


Clean Ready Video:



Ready Video:



Clean Ready offers a wealth of benefits, including:

  • Ability to add your own branding across the video, utilising your in-house design to differentiate your output from competitors.
  • Option to add your own video titles, enhancing SEO.


These benefits will increase traffic and therefore create opportunities with advertisers to drive revenue, benefiting from an increased audience size.

For more information on how Omnisport can enhance your content and coverage of global sports, get in touch using the form below.