Omnisport provides the market-leaders of the sports industry with high-quality content to help them drive audience engagement, and deliver the unique content experience that audiences increasingly demand. 

Yahoo, part of Verizon's media group, have long been a client of Omnisport, using Omnisport content to enrich their user experience in multiple ways. Yahoo face the challenge of their audience demanding "high quality content, every minute of the day, 365 days a year", Omnisport content assists in meeting this demand.

Head of Strategic Partnerships for Verizon Media, Marko Johns, paid testament to the value that Omnisport brings to their business, crediting the flexibility that the partnership provides for Yahoo. We also spoke with Raj Mannick, Head of Sport Yahoo UK, who revealed how Omnisport content assists in enriching Yahoo's "disruptive" character within the market, and Pietro Lambert, Global Product Director Yahoo, who discussed how Yahoo draws value from the entire suite of Omnisport's products.

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