Another thrilling NFL season is upon us! Omnisport’s unique coverage across our Uncut and Ready services will provide you to cover the US’s largest sport, in a detail and depth like never before. 

Here we outline our coverage of the NFL season, which commences on 7th September 2018 and runs through the regular season until 30th December. The post-season starts on 6th January and culminates with the Super Bowl on 3rd February.

Omnisport Video

The following is available across our Uncut and Ready video services.

Uncut and Ready:

  • Highlights: No
  • Preview:
    • Top 5 Teams to Watch
    • MVP Favourites 
  • Weekly Content:
    • Tuesday: Four storylines from the weekend’s action
    • Wednesday: F360 (Ready only, sample here)
  • Newsgathering:
    • One game per week
    • Ad hoc breaking news coverage
    • Viral and Social content on merit

Additionally, if you have any questions regarding our coverage, get in touch using the form at the bottom of the page.

Omnisport Editorial

US Editorial NFL Package:


  • Big season outlook
  • AFC and NFC outlook (Player to watch, impact rookie, coach in the hot seat, key matchup, predicted finish)
  • Surprising teams and rookies to watch
  • Milestones that could be reached this season
  • Storylines to follow this season

Weekly Content

  • Breaking and newsworthy items (injuries, suspensions, trades, etc.)
  • "3 takeaways" from primetime games on Thursday, Sunday and Monday
  • "Blitz Read" roundup on Sunday (one file, up to five games touched upon)
  • "Local headlines" on Monday
  • "NFL Week X in five tweets" review on Monday and preview on Thursday
  • Weekend preview on Thursday (outline TBD)

Data Editorial (weekly content)

  • 10 preview facts on each game
  • Ad hoc milestone packs

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Super Bowl content plan

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